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If in your imagination the jacket is executed in a different color or in another material, then I will gladly translate your dream.
The color (leather), the outer part, and the inside of the jacket, can be replaced at the request of the customer.
It is also possible to develop an individual embroidery design for a jacket.

Terms of manufacturing under the order of 3-4 weeks.
Attention 100% repetition is impossible, each design is carried out individually by hand.

The cost of an individual is ordered separately!

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Exclusive jeans jacket is decorated with unique hand-embroidered beads «Tiger in flowers»

170000 грн.

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Exclusive jeans jacket is decorated with unique hand-embroidered beads.

«Tiger in flowers»

Denim jacket 2 in 1, decorated with unique, hand-embroidered beads.

The product consists of two models – a fashionable denim trench decorated with hand-embroidered beads (for the spring-summer period), and a vest of natural mink fur (for autumn winter period). Mink fur, bright shades, hand made in patchwork technique.

On the back of the jacket, there is a unique author’s embroidery with handmade beads.
When sewing, the metallic color fittings are used.

The jacket is completely transformed, all the fur details of the product are unfastened, which makes it very comfortable to wear in different periods of the year, and to various activities.

p 40-46. S-L.
The product does not lie in a single copy.
It is possible to make a similar model, with a different embroidery with beads.

Term of manufacturing of a product under the order of 4-6 weeks.

Also, complete with a jacket you can buy a bag “Flowers”




Model: Jacket Model «Style» art «Tiger in flowers»
Manufacturer: Ukraine
Belonging to sex: wives.
Color: combined
Material: Jeans, natural fur of mink (made in Italy)
Color fittings: metallic.
Lining: textile, red.
Measurements: 40-46; S-L.


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Артикул: Jacket Model «Style» art «Tiger in flowers»




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